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Do you long to find peace, satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness?

                             Do you want the Adventure of a Lifetime?

You came to the right spot!!! 

Inner Adventures with Janice Hayes consist of experiential workshops, services and tools designed to connect you with your Core Self...your Spiritual Depth... in very real, concrete ways.

The Inner Adventures help you develop the inner skills necessary to achieve the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical goals that are important to you.         


To live life effectively as a creator rather than a reactor, we need to understand the Spiritual principles that guide our lives.

There are certain Truths that exist, whether or not we are aware of them.

Living in harmony with those Truths creates a kind of magic that transforms our life and how we live it.

When we are in tune with these principles and understand their application, we are in Harmony with the Divine Creator. 

In that harmony, we begin to mature our ego until we are no longer living in fear, anger, sorrow, fatigue or lack, but in Joy and Peace, Abundance and Fulfillment.

But we often don't know how to accomplish these changes. We haven't been given the tools and education that empower us to make deep, long-lasting shifts in our approach to living..

And so we live in internal frustration because we want to be more whole. We want to be wiser. We want to be stronger.  But the solutions elude us.

The workshops offered in Inner Adventures open us gently to our Inner Selves where all our Spiritual gifts and abilities reside. We learn about those timeless Truths in experiential and practical ways. We gain tools and skills for the Art of Living.

Read on.  Read about the workshops, discover the intuitive readings that may help you along the way. Check out the amazing meditation CD and consider the opportunities for in-depth personal healing that is available through Ro-Hun therapy.

You may just find a few answers...



About Janice Hayes

Janice is a Master Teacher. Throughout her life, she has been a seeker of spiritual Truth.  Then, with each discovery, she shared what she found with those who were also seeking.  She has taught people of all ages and from all walks of life, helping them walk their personal Journeys with awareness and spiritual direction. She approaches each class or workshop with love and humor and a depth of knowledge, Janice's teaching is grounded in providing experiences that assist her students in forming a personal relationship with the material she teaches. This isn't just lecture! This is DOING!

Janice is also currently on staff at Delphi University, School of Spiritual Studies in McCaysville, Georgia. (www.delphiu.com)


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