Ro-Hun Therapy, The Book


The book that reveals how living a life of peace, love and wholeness is possible...

Your Internal Freedom is at hand.

Imagine experiencing yourself as the beautiful, powerful, loving, and wise spiritual human being you truly are. 

Imagine knowing that you not only belong here on earth but that you have a satisfying and important Purpose. 

Imagine gaining the freedom to create your life anew, released from the thoughts and feelings about yourself that have kept you trapped in unhappiness and isolation. 

Imagine releasing forever your anger, emptiness, futility and boredom. 

Imagine creating a life wherein you are able to truly love and be loved.

RoHun Therapy is the non-traditional, spiritually-based therapy that opens you to your highest and best Self.  Empowered, by that connection, you discover and heal the underlying negative thoughts and feelings that keep you imprisoned by blame, shame fear and anger, to name a few. Ro-Hun heals the victim within, allowing your beauty and strength, love and wisdom to flow, creating a life of satisfaction and fulfillment. 

Isn't it about time for you to open to your freedom?  Isn't it time to discover the Spiritual realities, possibilities and personal expansion that await you?

Get the book...Ro-Hun Therapy, the Greatest Transforational Therapy of Our Time, by Janice Hayes.  If you resonate with the process in its depth and scope, then get to a Ro-Hun Therapist. Information on how to find a Ro-Hun therapist is in the book.

About the author

Since the 1980s, from the birth of Ro-Hun Therapy, Janice Hayes has helped people heal, finding their emotional, mental, and spiritual freedom through the power and transformation of Ro-Hun Therapy

As a Doctor and Instructor of Ro-Hun Therapy at Delphi University, School of Spiritual Studies in McCaysville, Georgia (, she shares her skill, knowledge and expertise with her students 

To quote Janice, "Ro-Hun is neither a bandaid, nor a quick fix. It is, however, deep and lasting. Who could ask for more?"

You owe it to yourself to discover what is possible for you. 

Client Comments

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I knew you were the one to help (my daughter)!


Jasper, Georgia

Ro-Hun is a life altering experience that transformed the way I view myself and the world I live in. RoHun cracked me open and scrubbed me clean from years (lifetimes?) of nastiness and pain.


Nashville, TN


Thanks to Ro-Hun I have been able to release deep-seated fear, anger, worthlessness, manipulation and powerlessness and replace them all with strength and Love. I make better choices.  I love myself. I stand in my own energy, no longer needing the approval of anyone.


Ft. Wayne, IN

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Ro-Hun Therapy


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