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Refreshment for your Soul!

Journeys in the Garden of the Heart is a feast for your inner senses, connecting you with your Higher Self, creating love and healing, communication and expansion in your life.  

    These visualization meditations are powerful tools that will help you expand and remember Who you are.

Each meditation leads you into specialized experiences for your Spiritual growth and personal healing. 


Track One:    Introduction.  A few words help you get the most from these journeys.

Track Two:    The Healing Lake.  Healing is possible for everyone, for Spirit knows nothing else but Wholeness.  Feel your body, mind, and Soul join as healing flows into your entire being.

Track Three:   Meeting Your Higher Self.  Through a personal, interactive relationship with your Higher Self, your Soul, Wisdom and Love flow into your life  from the "still, small voice" of your Divine Being.

Track Four:    The Tree of Life. Love makes all things possible. Forgiveness, the power of Love in action, frees your Soul and connects you with all Creation.

Track Five: The Temple of Light.  Flow effortlessly into the Higher Realms of Spiritual reality.  Reunite with the Brotherhood of Light.  Move with Grace and Peace into the Heart of God and open your eyes once again to the Eternal Being of Light you truly are.

For years, Janice Hayes' resonant, melodic voice has guided her students into the mystery and wonder of their inner life through the practice of meditation.

Now her expertise and loving energy can be part of your Spiritual Path.  Her philosophy is that meditation is a practical Spiritual experience, one that can be and needs to be, directly applied to the demands of everyday life. As Janice says, "When meditation reveals, your life heals." 


These meditative journeys are highly beneficial for both the new practitioner as well as the experienced meditator.  The one new to meditation learns a safe, easy and effective method; for the experienced meditator, new levels of depth, personal understanding and spiritual growth are achieved.

Journeys in the Garden of the Heart  may be purchased here through PayPal  or write  The cost is $20 which includes US shipping.

What people say about these meditations...

Hi janice, I just wanted you to know I love your CD and I ordered 2 more!


Rossmoor, CA


How fantastic is your CD!!!!  I love your voice!!!  The meditations 

take me back and I actually feel your presence.  Thank you so much for 

producing this!  What a gift!!!


Lakewood, CA


This is the best meditation CD I have put my hands on . Your voice is 

perfect for a guided meditation, very calming, clear and soothing.  The 

subjects of the meditations and purpose of each meditation are excellent and 

easy to follow and understand.  I have used this meditation CD  for my clients 

especially those who have never meditated before  and they have thoroughly enjoyed it and found it easy to follow. 

I wish you all the success with this CD. You are very creative and a great inspiration.

Deryn Higgins 

Holistic Healing Practioner – Bermuda

Dear Janice,

 Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for creating your CD. I have spent an amazing morning with my higher self and am still learning from the messages. Your willingness to allow your Light to flow is touching so many in the world and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you.  I am realizing how important each and every choice is. Even more important is the awareness while making the choice.

Much Love and Light. 



Atlanta, GA

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Journeys in the Garden of the Heart


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