Workshops for your Enlightenment

The Way Home


Within every human heart, there is a longing to go Home.

We don't know exactly where or what that is, but we intuitively know there is a place somewhere
that is not filled with pain, chaos or disappointment.

We also pretty sure  that "Home" isn't here on earth.   Or is it? 

This workshop, The Way Home, shares the four steps that take you from the life you are living to the life you want to of creativity, peace and fulfillment.

You discover ...

  • the three energy systems you live with
  • how they interact for your benefit 
  • how they work against each other
  • how you get in your own way,     sabotaging your efforts to create what you want.

In short, you learn how to stop doing all that! 

In addition to understanding those three energy systems,you will experience four powerful meditations...the Keys to going Home...which bring healing, forgiveness, spiritual connection and spiritual expansion.The education and the practice you are given during the workshop will carry you forward into new endeavors, success and easier relationships.  

The Way Home  takes you Home to your Self where peace and harmony reside.

As if that isn't enough, you learn how to develop a strong relationship with your Higher Self...aka Soul... your very Best Friend in this Universe.

This workshop is based on Janice's  meditation CD, Journeys in the Garden of the Heart. This approach to meditation and personal growth has been very successful world-wide.

The  CD, Journeys in the Garden of the Heart is included in your tuition along with a class manual.

Are you ready to find your Way Home?  

The Way Home is held for two days, generally Saturday and Sunday.

Tuition for this  life-changing experience is $350.

If you would like to experience The Way Home, contact Janice through the "Contact" button on the Home page for further information. 

Regression+ Reunion = REBIRTH!


Our past life experiences, feelings, ideas, attitudes and especially choices are alive and expressing themselves in our lives every day.

Some them are positive, supportive, helpful and carry us forward into success and satisfying experiences.

Many of them do not. Those are the ones that sabotage us.

In the first step, the Self Regression Process, you locate a significant past life, You become aware of the parts of yourself you lost because of that past experience, and discover how those losses affect you now.

The second step, Soul Reunion, helps you identify the Spiritual Strengths you lost in that past life trauma, and how those losses inhibit your present life. With those realizations and a desire to be your whole Self, you are able to open to your Rebirth...the unification of yourself.

Through the Rebirth portion of the workshop, you regain the Spiritual Strengths  that you have been missing. Those necessary Strengths come home to you, filling you with healing and a powerful determination to live with those Strengths in your life now.

Doors of Insight open, leading to an indescribable Wholeness of Self! The answers to many personal questions are realized as you recognize the behaviors and attitudes of this life that you never knew were caused by a past life. This is personal healing at its finest!

Bring a pillow, blanket or throw, and knee support if needed as we will lie on the floor for some of the work.

Isn't it time for you to discover how your  distant and forgotten past is helping...and hindering your present life?

Tme for your own REBIRTH!

Regression + Reunion = REBIRTH is a two-day workshop, generally Saturday and Sunday.

Tuition for this Soul-Awakening workshop is $350 per person.

If Regression + Reunion = REBIRTH! is the experience you have been seeking, contact Janice using the "Contact" button on the Home page.  

Take your step into personal wholeness, healing, and restoration of your Spiritual Abilities.

Celebrate Your Spirit!


We have forgotten  the gifts and abilities that are our Spiritual birthright.  In Celebrate Your Spirit!, you reconnect with your Inner Senses of Sensitivity and Intuition. Doing so opens the doors to your Spiritual Gifts and Abilities! 

The Inner Senses are the language through which your Soul can communicate with you.  In developing those Senses, you become more attuned to your Spiritual Self, the "still, small voice" within.  

Being able to recognize the voice of the Soul brings your own profound inner guidance and direction into your life.

Intuition and sensitivity to the invisible information contained in all energy is basic to human consciousness. For a large part, we have forgotten our Inner Senses or put them aside thinking they had no value, or have been actually encouraged by well-meaning people to pay no attention to the 'nonsense'. We can, however, regain this important connection to our Inner Senses. 

Now, that is exciting!  

In Celebrate Your Spirit! we happily...and successfully...learn how to be sensitive to energy; understand energy and the information contained in all energy. 

We explore the energy of intuition, the energy of healing, the energy of our own aura. We learn how to direct our energy for the benefit of self and others. 

We do as many exercises as possible to give you as much experience as possible.  This is a very active workshop. You learn to feel energy, see energy, learn from energy and direct your you were always intended to do.

In the end, you will celebrate who you are, feel good about who you are and possess the tools necessary to continue using your Inner Senses in helpful and healthy ways.

Is it time for you to open up to your Inner Senses?  Are you ready to Celebrate your Spirit?

Celebrate Your Spirit is a two-day experience, generally over a Saturday and Sunday.

Tuition for this expansive and astonishing workshop is $350.

If  you are ready to awaken and develop your Inner Senses, contact Janice through the "Contact" button on the Home page. Take your step into inner exploration and discovery.