Intuitive Readings

The Nature and Scope of an Intuitive Reading


 A reading is a special private time spent with a trained sensitive who uses their inner senses to bring to you important information, guidance and direction to assist you in your life's situations. 

The sensitive attunes to the highest of Spiritual influences, acts as a channel in order to bring to you important, appropriate and accurate information.  This information is of the highest quality and personal relevance to who you are and where you are in your life.

Such assistance and information provides a higher perspective, the bigger picture, lifting you to experience new possibilities and understand how you can positively affect your life's situation.

Janice has been providing intuitive guidance and counseling for over 30 years. 

Her insights are profound, given with clarity and love.  More than "psychic" which is a narrow range of perception, she is highly Intuitive, a skill which fills her readings with a great depth of Spiritual power and understanding.

    Many of her clients would say her readings are truly healings.


Janice has clients all over the world, and so her skills translate very well from the personal, face-to-face readings to phone readings. 

She offers two types of readings, The Life Path Reading and the Akasha Angel Reading.

Give yourself the gift of a fresh approach and new solutions to your life situations.

Life Path Reading


Sometimes you know exactly where you are going and your life flows easily. 

Sometimes you don't know what's going on; sometimes everything seems to be in pieces or confusing.

Sometimes you just need another perspective, a higher perspective.  You may need encouragement or insights to causes; you might be searching for direction. 

These needs and more can be addressed through a Life Path Reading.  This reading will help you focus on what is necessary and bring information to you that is relevant and immediately applicable to your life. 

 Spiritual readings help you understand what you can do to effect positive shifts in the events of your life.  If the life events cannot be changed (you cannot control another person's decisions or actions, for example), the reading will bring you understanding about how to move through the situation in the healthiest manner possible.

Janice will record your reading so you can listen again at your leisure.  

A Life Path reading lasts 50-60 minutes.  The cost is $150, payable by check or for credit cards. use the PayPal button below.

Use the "Contact" button on the Home page to establish which reading you want and to arrange a mutually agreeable day and time. Janice is in the Eastern Time Zone.

Akasha Angel Reading


An unbroken path of Light connects you with the Divine.  All along this highway of Light are Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Spiritual Friends who are there to guide, assist and motivate you.

They love you completely, wholly and without judgment.  They know your beauty and your strengths.

In an Akasha Angel Reading, we establish communication with:

Your Guardian Angel

          Archangel(s) who are with you now.

Angels who are close to you

 Ascended Master(s) who wish to create a partnership with you

Spiritual Guides and Teachers 

    From these Beings of Light, you will receive insight, guidance and revelation.  These spiritual friends will share with you why they are attracted to work with you; what they would like to accomplish with you; and will bring you their loving perspective on you, your gifts and talents as well as any areas in your life that need your attention.

An Akasha Angel Reading lasts 50-60 minutes and will be recorded for you.  The cost is $150, payable by check or for credit cards, use the PayPal button below.

   Use the "Contact" button on the Home page to establish which reading you want and to arrange a mutually agreeable day and time. Janice is in the Eastern Time Zone.





Personal Reading


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Thank you! I look forward to our time together.